Monday, March 23, 2020

This Is How You Earn Even More From Writing Articles

Writing articles is one of the ways I make quite a substantial amount of my writing income. I write online articles, emails and I do a bit of freelance article writing too.

Other writers earn money writing articles by writing for clients, PPC advertising and article marketing.

But one of the ways I use articles for more income, is through affiliate marketing.

If I can get the right affiliate product in front of the right audience and write curiosity-invoking articles, I make sales. Of course, I'm not saying that it works like magic and that all I have to do is write and publish one article and I make money, but it sometimes seems like that.

You see the great thing about writing online articles is that they stay online for years. So sometimes, I'll make an affiliate sale from an article I wrote years ago. So while I'm writing new articles, I'm still earning a passive income from my old articles.

I also use autoresponder emails for greater impact with my marketing. These are more personal so my customers feel as though I'm talking directly to them, rather than they're just reading my online content.

And when I make sure that I only promote products that my customers actually need (or want) then they're more likely to buy again from me. I have quite a few customers who have bought many products from me.

Another way to get ongoing passive affiliate income is to promote things that have recurring billing such as subscriptions and services, because they are most likely to have recurring commissions too.

But not all people can see that they need what I'm selling so I use curiosity in my content to make them intrigued enough to click the links to find out more or to sign up for my emails so that I can carry on promoting products to them.

But however you want to use your article writing talent to sell affiliate products, just remember that curiosity provides more buying power than desire.

Get your customers to click more and you can earn more from every article you write.

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