Sunday, March 22, 2020

10 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Income

I don't know about you but I love earning money as an affiliate marketer. My article writing and affiliate income go hand in hand.

But contrary to popular belief, earning money (or at least a substantial or even good amount of money) from affiliate marketing takes a lot more than just putting up banners on a website and hoping that visitors will click on them. Although that does work, it doesn't work THAT great.

Instead it's better to find ways to increase affiliate income from a few extra dollars to a few hundred/thousand sales, and below are 10 tips to help you do that.

1. Find products that fill your subscribers' needs. You can't sell something to someone who doesn't want it so make sure the products you promote are what your subscribers and website visitors need/want.

2. Promote good value products, not junk. Don't just think about the money you can make from each sale. Think about the value you're providing to your customers if you want more sales.

3. Always look for more products to promote. There are always more products coming onto the market all the time, and it's simple math that the more things you have to sell, the more sale you can make.

4. Always plan ahead for new product launches. Many online marketers announce their new products before they are available so that affiliates can get their promotional materials ready. That way, as soon as the product hits the market, you can be one of the first to offer it.

5. Look for products with a JV competition. Many online marketers also offer affiliate competitions so that those who make the most sales in a short time win large prizes as well as their affiliate commissions.

6. Sell high ticket items. When you sell high ticket items you naturally earn a higher commission. So, for instance, one sale of a $6,000 treadmill could earn you $600 commission whereas you'd have to make 10 sales of a lower ticket item that pays out $60 commission. Not all your products need to be high ticket, but it helps.

7. Sell items with recurring billing. Often online courses or subscriptions for services come with recurring billing and include recurring commissions for affiliates. These are great for ongoing passive income.

8. Write online content that is curiosity-provoking and builds intrigue so that customers can't help but click the link and buy the product.

9. Use social media to help build interest in the products you're promoting or to get them to read your online content. It's a fast way to market.

10. Find a good email company and create autoresponder emails for those who are not quite ready to buy or those who want to know more. If you don't yet use an email company, I use GetResponse which you can try out completely free for 30 days, and that includes the full service, not a restricted trial.

Success with affiliate marketing depends entirely on you. There are so many different types of affiliate marketers ranging from those who are just looking for an extra bit of money through to the super affiliates like Rosalind Gardner who earn six figures a year.

These super affiliates really know what they're doing and they know which are the best products to promote.

Naturally there's a lot more to becoming a super affiliate than just that, but as you learn more you can earn more, plus, like anything in life, the more you do it the easier it gets.

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