Wednesday, February 19, 2020

5 Simple Ways You Can Earn Money Writing Articles

If you enjoy doing short writing projects rather than long book-length works, then you can earn money several different ways from writing articles.

And here we’ll look at just 5 of them.

 1. Blog posts. This one is easy. You write informative articles for your site to attract readers who might want to buy your products, or your affiliate products or click on your PPC ads. The more articles you write and upload, the more money you can make.

2. Marketing. People won’t read the articles on your site until they know they’re there. So you can write short marketing articles and upload them to online directories like to drive more traffic to your site. Or put links to your articles in your social media accounts.

3. Client work. It’s possible to earn a great income writing for private clients. You can advertise your article writing services on your website or blog, or use a freelance writing site to bid for jobs or upload your writing resume`.

4. Guest posts. This is another type of article marketing. Write extremely informative and entertaining articles and offer them to other blogs/websites as guest posts. If your articles get published on quality sites, it can bring an instant stampede of visitors back to yours.

5. PLR articles. These are articles that you write and sell as a bundle of 20 or 50 articles. These are sold copyright-free so whoever purchases them can do as they please with them. This is an easy way to make money because you can sell the same bundle up to 20 or 50 times (there needs to be a limit on distribution or no one will buy them).

Once you start writing articles regularly you’ll discover even more ways to earn money from them.

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