Sunday, December 15, 2019

Write An Article In 15 Minutes Review

I read an online review about my book called 'How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less.'

Strangely enough, the only thing the reviewer talked about was that it's only a short book.

It didn't mention anything about the content, or whether or not it had helped them to actually write an article in 15 minutes or less.

Nope. All they talked about the fact that it's a short book.


I was confused.

This book is what is called an information product because it gives you information to help you do what it is that you want to do, which, in this case, is to write an article quickly and earn money from every article you write.

Clearly this reviewer didn't look at the value of what she was getting and instead focused only on the length of the book.

From her review I could tell that she probably hadn't even read the book. She'd just looked at it and thought that it should have been longer.

And believe me, I could have made it longer. I could have made it a LOT longer. But that would have meant writing a lot of 'filler' content which wouldn't have given any more value, wouldn't have helped the reader in any way, but it would have increased the page count. I could also have used a larger font and put in more page-breaks to increase the page count too.

But that's not what I do.

Instead, as I do in all my books, I get straight down to what you need to know which, in this book, is how to write an article in 15 minutes or less, 10 different ways you can make money from writing articles, and how to write 1 article 7 different ways.

And I've packed it all into one, small, easy-to-read guide so that you can get straight to work writing and earning money from every article you write.

Without wasting any of your valuable time.

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