Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Write 1 Article 7 Different Ways

I love being able to write an article in 15 minutes or less. Not only does it speed up my writing time but it also makes it fun to do. It’s no fun writing if you have to stop and think all the time. But having a system that makes writing fast also makes it fun to do.

But the best thing is being able to turn 1 article into 7 completely different and unique articles. And I’m not talking about ‘spinning’ them in any way, but being able to write them in 7 different ways.

This makes article writing even faster because there’s no need to think too hard because I already have my article content, and I don’t need to research it again because I’ve already got the information I need.

To show you how fast this makes it, look at it this way; the average writer can write 1,500 words an hour. And that’s not fast because it’s only 25 words/minute. So you could easily double this speed if you’re writing 1 article 7 different ways because there’s a lot less thinking time involved. You just have to take your original article and start writing it out a different way each time so that no two articles are alike.

So if you’re writing 400-word articles, working this fast means you could write 7.5 articles in an hour.

That means in 60 minutes you can produce 7 unique articles.

Now that’s progress.

And I show you exactly how to do it in my book.

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