Monday, October 21, 2019

How To Write More Articles In A Day Than Most People Write In A Week

I was recently reading an email written by legendary copywriter, Matt Furey. He is a man who has made millions from writing short articles and emails. And he says he can write them in 2 - 10 minutes, which earns him 6-figures a year.

And as you can imagine, writing so quickly means that he writes a lot of articles.

Naturally, his articles and emails are short which is why it takes him so little time to write them, plus he’s been doing it for years and so he’s honed and perfected how he writes so that whenever he sits down, he’s done in just 10 minutes. Or he sits down longer and writes more articles and emails.

But how does he earn money from his articles?

He does it simply by telling a story of a problem his reader is facing and then linking the solution to a product or service he’s selling.

Such a simple way of writing yet it works every time.

Can you imagine being as successful as Matt Furey in how many articles he can write and how much money he makes from doing so?

This man can write more articles in a day than most people write in a week.

But it’s clear to see the success you can have if you practice writing articles as quickly as Matt Furey.

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