Monday, October 14, 2019

3 Mistakes That Article Writers Make

I love doing online article marketing which is why I set up this blog to help others learn to do it too.

But over and over I see others making the same mistakes that can really impede their ability to dominate their niche and maximise their income from writing articles.

If you want to be successful with article marketing the first thing you have to do it to write fast and continuously produce more articles, because in this game, more articles = more money.

So make sure you keep on writing articles and earning money from every article you write and here are the 3 biggest mistakes that I see article marketers making.

  1. Not writing fast enough. It’s no good taking an eon to write an article. Every article you write needs to published and earning you money. So don’t waste time trying to write the perfect article. Just remember that good enough is good enough. Your readers want information not a well-constructed piece of prose. If your content is useful, your readers will be happy.
  2. Only using ideas once. Time is money in article marketing so when you write an article, rewrite it in different ways so that you get 7 unique articles from one idea. This is so easy to do because once you have a great idea for an article, it’s quick to write it again and again in 7 unique variations.
  3. Not knowing how to earn money. Writing and publishing articles is one thing but it won’t do you any good unless you know how to earn money from it. And there are 10 profitable ways you can earn money writing articles.

Once you put these 3 things together, you’ll be able to write fast, find it easy to do and you’ll know how to earn money from every article you write.

And my 15-minute article writing system has it all including how to write an article 7 different ways, 10 ways to earn money writing articles and how I earned $4,000 writing articles in just one day.

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