Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10 Ways to Earn Money Writing Articles

Knowing that you want to make money writing articles is one thing, but knowing how to do it is another.

If your articles are good (well written, interesting, entertaining, persuasive, etc) then you’ll earn money.

But being an article writer is more than just writing articles and sticking them up on your website or blog.

There are so many ways you can make money with your articles.

 As an example, you can set them up as a series of money-making emails to be delivered automatically. Or you could write articles and sell them, either individually as ordered, or sell them in batches, over and over again.

Believe me, once you start looking into the different ways you can make money writing articles, you’ll want to write even more.

And in my book, How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less, you’ll also discover all 10  ways that you can earn money from your articles.

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