Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Surprising Article Marketing Method That Really Works

Years ago, when I first started working online, I used article directories as a way to get more visitors to my sites. I used to write at least one article a week and send it out to several different article directories and I received thousands of visitors.

But a few years later things changed and Google stopped indexing article directories so the amount of traffic my articles produced dropped significantly.

One thing I did notice though, was that one of these directories continued to be successful for me, and that one was (and still is) EzineArticles.com.

There are so many people online now who say that article marketing using EzineArticles doesn’t work anymore, but I say it still does and I still submit articles to them.

What most of these other people don’t seem to realise, or miss entirely, is that only correct article marketing can produce real and tangible benefits. Lacklustre effort with half-baked articles will only product poor results.

But don’t blame article marketing and say it doesn’t work if the articles you’re writing are nothing but sludge yet you’re expecting it to produce massive amounts of traffic to your website.

Great article marketing starts with an eyeball-grabbing title and ends with a click-through obtaining resource box.

As an example of bad article titles currently on EzineArticles.com:

- Genealogy Supplies

- How to Make Quick Money Online

- Find Out More About Affiliate Marketing

- Learn About Affiliate Marketing - Do Coaching Programs Work?

Bad resource boxes include:

- For more insights into this subject…

- To learn more visit…

Successful article marketing means employing strong click-through strategies, and reading advice from other successful article marketers. They also leverage whatever software or websites that can increase their output as well as their ROI, including using social media, YouTube and even Dragon Naturally Speaking Software.

Successful article marketers re-purpose their articles into videos, podcasts and press releases, for mass delivery and exposure.

Article marketing methods need to constantly evolve to help increase the gain from every article written.

There are 3 types of article marketers -

  1. Those who do little or nothing yet still expect profitable returns.
  2. Those still relying on out-dated methods.
  3. Those who continually educate themselves to see what works and what works even better to generate more traffic and higher ROIs.

The choice is yours.

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