Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Does Your Writing Suffer If You Write Quickly?

There has been much debate for as long as I can remember about whether it's better to write slowly or quickly. Some people even believe that if you write slowly your writing will be better and if you write quickly your writing will be bad.

But that just isn't true at all.

That's because different writers work in different ways and different writing projects take different amounts of time. Also, it depends on the writer and how they feel. Some days you can feel motivated to write while other days you might feel tired, sluggish or ill. But even then, you might write more slowly, but that doesn't mean that the quality of your work will be any different.

In fact, it's true that if you write too slowly, your inner critic will take over and try and edit your work as you're writing. That's why it's far better to write fast and let the creative side of your brain do the work.

And what can make it easy, no matter what article you're trying to write or how unmotivated you feel, if you have an easy writing system, all you do is follow it and it does the work for you with very little thinking required so you can get straight to work.

And it all begins with How To Write An Article in 15 Minutes or Less.

It makes it feel as if the article is being written for you because it really is THAT easy.

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