Thursday, May 23, 2019

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

If you work online then you'll have heard of long tail keywords.

But not everyone knows exactly what are long tail keywords.

Put simply, they are a group of 3 or more keywords that are more targetted and therefore more relevant to anyone searching for what you're selling.

As an example, you might be targetting people looking to buy a table from your website, so the word table is a good keyword. But it's not a great keyword because it has too much competition from other sites and isn't necessarily relevant to those searching for a table.

So it would be better to use a long tail keyword, such as 'oak dining table.'

This long tail keyword would have less competition and less searches. But the most important thing is that it would get more targetted results. So although it gets searched for less, the results should provide the right customers who are searching for exactly what you're selling. And these people are more likely to be targetted buyers.

And remember, there is a big difference between searchers and buyers and what long tail keywords will get you more of, are buyers.

Article marketing always works best with long tail keywords to find better and more targetted readers for higher sales.

Long Tail Keywords

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