Friday, March 8, 2019

Why Number 1 is the Most Dangerous Number

In business there is one number to be afraid of.

And that number is 1.


Because it's the most dangerous number for a business.

Written 1 book? So what?

- Only 1 person working in your company (you), what happens when you can't work?

- Have only 1 business premises or website? Need more method of distribution.

- Have only 1 product to sell? What happens after everyone buys one?

- Only got 1 marketing channel? What if you had more?

- Do you only have 1 social media account? What if they shut you out?

If you only have one of everything in your business, then it's time you looked at expanding.

And also you need a backup plan for every area just in case your one and only way or working, doesn't.

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