Monday, March 25, 2019

More Money From Article Marketing Using Automated Ads

We all know that you can earn money from article writing by doing affiliate marketing or paid or PPC  ads.

These are the two most basic, free and easy things you can do.

But do you also know that you can earn money from your articles using automated advertising?

What this means is that you install a piece of script on your website or blog, and then you just write and the automated software will create links to words and products in your articles.

It's really easy to do. You just write and the software provides links for you.

There are several advertising companies you can use but I use Viglink for several reasons:

1. It has a really easy-to-use dashboard.
2. It places links to affiliated products without any help from me.
3. It has an 'Anywhere" app so I can check with one click to see if a product has an affiliate program with Viglink
4. There is no minimum payout so I don't have to wait for a large amount of money to accrue in my account before I get paid.

I mostly love the way that it is so automated so that if I mention a book or another product  I like, if Viglink is affiliated with that product, it will link to it automatically. It really doesn't get easier than that.

And if I'm looking online at a product and I want to know if Viglink can link to it, I just click on the 'Anywhere' app in my browser's toolbar, and a popup window will instantly tell me.

Using Viglink is an easy way to earn extra money from article marketing without having to do any extra work.

Try Viglink for yourself and see the difference it can make in your online article marketing income.


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