Monday, December 10, 2018

The 80/20 Rule of Productivity

Some days, I'm on fire with my writing and I get loads done, and my income increases.

And do you know what makes these days different from any other?

It's because I implement the 80/20 rule to my productivity.

I love the 80/20 rule (which is also called the Pareto Principle) because once you understand it - and I mean REALLY understand it, you can apply it to just about anything in your personal and/or business life.

So I apply it to productivity.

When I have a lot to get done, I break it down with the 80/20 rule, and the 80/20 curve, so that I have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

And it works better than you can ever imagine because once you apply the 80/20 rule to being more productive, you quickly see that it's not about doing more.

At the same time, it's equally not about doing less either.

It's about doing less AND profiting more.

It's about time-saving and money earning.

And THAT'S the 80/20 rule.

You just start by finding your 20%.

Then find the 20% of that 20%.

It's easy when you understand how to go deep with it.

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